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See For Yourself

This interview video with our director, Yoshiaki Konaka, provides a good look at the tools, techniques and ideas that go into all Once Piece of Rock products.


We focus on every detail, and threads are no exception.

Observing vintage pieces, we found types of yarn counts that are no longer in production, but we wouldn’t let this stop us from reproducing an identical thread for our products. Our yarn of choice is called “uneven yarn” for its inconsistent yarn counts, and to get the exact texture we’re after, we use a yarn made in the USA. In some cases, we even self-dye these yarns with consideration to the degree of color fading.

Buttons & Rivets

Buttons and rivets are also custom originals.

We never compromise on even the smallest detail. If our ideal part is not available, we make it ourselves. This level of detail and dedication defines the core of our craftsmanship. We recreate true vintage character using various materials such as iron, plated copper and zinc. The passion for pure authenticity lives in such details.

Sewing Machines

Original early vintage sewing machines at Conners Sewing Factory play a vital integral role in the creation of The Original.

However, coming to obtain these machines was no simple task. Guided primarily by old literature, we sought out many early machines from around world, tuning, repairing, and readying them for production. Our collection now encompasses basically every machine from the era, with varying models representing the styles and periods from the 1900’s to 1940’s. Each process has its own optimal machine. The appropriate machine and stitching technique are arranged for each individual process, some of which require very difficult techniques. However there is no room for compromise in our quest for truly authentic original pieces.

Sewing Technique

Our pieces from The Original line are more than the sum of their material parts.

The final key element of production is our faithful adherence to technique. By first observing numerous early vintage jeans, we have developed techniques which use the same needle sizes, threading tension, and needle spacing. In addition, freehand and non-iron techniques are integral to our production, and we believe these are practices worth preserving and passing down to future generations as they rapidly dwindle in favor of techniques focused on streamlining and efficiency. These handcrafting techniques allow the spirit of the craftsman to live and shine in the product, reflecting their true one-of-a-kind quality.

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