One Piece of Rock

Our Story

About One Piece of Rock

The One Piece of Rock name refers to “strength in unity” as described in an old Japanese proverb.

We are driven to be the "one and only" not by individual power, but with collective force. Our original One Piece of Rock brand relies on support from the skilled craftsmen of Japan’s denim mecca in Kojima, Okayama. In collaboration with our own long-developed American casual apparel expertise, our collective efforts produce genuine "monozukuri" craftsmanship.

The union of two opposing elements converging with one unique perspective – this is the One Piece of Rock vision. The spirit of American good ol’ days renewed with a contemporary eye. By weaving together a creation of vintage style and contemporary craft, a unique story is also woven into each hand-sewn product that find its way to our customers.

The Birth of The Original

One Piece of Rock came together under the direction of Yoshiaki Konaka while he was seeking out a new perspective on vintage clothing. As the brand came together, it also marked the beginning of the signature line, The Original.

Drawn to the profound charisma and character of 100-year-old American garments, he began working through the many questions of how to express that same style and spirit. "How can we authentically match all the subtle details?

How do we go back time, capture that early vintage essence of the golden era, and bring it back into the modern fashion world?"

In search of answers, Konaka made a journey to Kojima, Okayama. Here, he worked and learned all the various processes and techniques from master craftsmen of denim production and garment handcrafting, from fabric making to cutting, sewing, finishing, and specialized treatment washes. Even after returning from Okayama, he was still thoroughly absorbed in perfecting the craft. Through careful study of sewing patterns and styles from early vintage pieces, and while building a collection of the same original sewing machines that were used on early 20th Century American garments, he finally had both the necessary skills and the ideal environment for expressing that golden era magic.

Conners Sewing Factory Becomes the Heart of Vintage Sewing

Conners Sewing Factory was established in Yokaichi, Shiga Prefecture in 2013, providing the working environment that made our brand a reality. Tucked away in a small-town neighborhood, this unique one-of-a-kind factory is where Konaka has developed the handmade product line, The Original, where his dedication to denim shines through in every detail from sewing to finishing, all crafted by his own hand.

Our goal is to one day put our town on the map as the epicenter of vintage sewing. At the heart of this is Conners Sewing Factory, providing the creative vitality and genuine spirit for crafting vintage jeans.