"The Original" S409XXX


The 1947 model, known simply as “47,” is considered to be the pinnacle of the vintage denim collection. The unrelenting and inquisitive zeal of designers fueled countless revisions and changes to details, resulting in numerous legacies during this period. Conners Sewing Factory has captured the essence of these legacies.

M-47 Model

The 1947 model is often referred to as a true example of modern jeans. From this point onwards, there was a dramatic shift in sewing specifications. Every detail of these jeans helps define the shape and spirit of this legendary piece of history. The gold standard for classic style jeans.

  • Price: ¥66,000 (tax incl.),
          W42 & W44 ¥69,300 (tax incl.)
  • Size: W28 - W44
  • Fabric: 47 denim
  • Stitch: All yellow stitches
M-47 Model. Front view
S409XXX M-47

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M-47 Model. Back view
S409XXX M-47

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